Mercedes-Benz vs BMW

Who doesn't like a good rivalry? For the spectator (or in this case, the consumer), they're fun to watch because both sides will fight it out until the end and put on a show (or in this case, updated vehicle features) that give the audience a reason to be entertained. While they do compete against each other, rival automakers enjoy the competition because it drives them to stay one step ahead by designing vehicles that have all the latest specs and features that you've come to love. No one knows how to stay atop the competition quite like the two brands we're comparing, so read on as we put Mercedes-Benz vs BMW in a head-to-head matchup.To give you some real insight into how the two compare, we've put together some key areas you might consider when shopping for a luxury vehicle. Which of these two is better? That's for you to decide, so check out our comparisons below!


When it comes to price, both brands strive to offer competitively-priced vehicles. Sure, when shopping for luxury cars you can end up spending a lot if your budget allows. However, for those looking to spend less, Mercedes-Benz will probably be a better option. When you compare similar models you'll find that Mercedes-Benz tends to offer lower prices.

Engine and Performance

The interesting thing about top-level cars is that once you reach this level, it's hard to separate yourself from others in regard to engine and performance features. If you really want a powerful engine, you might be interested in a model offered only by Mercedes-Benz. The 2017 AMG® GT R supercar grinds out 577 horsepower for a quick 0-60 acceleration time of 3.5 seconds. How's that for power?

Interior and Seating

While BMW may be known for their engines, Mercedes-Benz stands apart from other top car producers with their elegant interiors. Enter a world of luxury and class whenever you step inside any Mercedes-Benz model. If you take a look at the E-Class sedan, you'll find fine-tailored seats designed to match the shape of your body for a more comfortable ride. Wood-crafted trim adds an exotic look to the cabin as well.


You'll find no shortage of technology inside a Mercedes-Benz, as they've innovated many industry-firsts in technology. Look no further than the S-Class to deliver state-of-the-art entertainment and navigation, which stems from its dual 12.3-inch high-resolution screens. There's so much to see on here, allowing you to browse music, set up navigation routes, check the weather forecast and much more.

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